FreeBSD 12.1 Training (Feb 2020)

Course Duration: 50 Hours 
Course prerequisites: none
Suitable for:Desktop Users
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Reference: FreeBSD Ebook
  1. FreeBSD and UNIX History
  2. Installing FreeBSD
    Minimum Hardware Requirements
    Pre-Installation Tasks
    Starting the Installation
    Using bsdinstall
    Allocating Disk Space
    Committing to the Installation
    Using the Live CD
  3. FreeBSD Basics
    Virtual Consoles and Terminals
    Users and Basic Account Management
    Directory Structure
    Disk Organization
    Mounting and Unmounting File Systems
    Processes and Daemons
    Text Editors
    Basic UNIX Skills
    Devices and Device Nodes
    Manual Pages
  4. Installing Applications: Packages and Ports
    Overview of Software Installation
    Finding Software
    Using pkg for Binary Package Management
    Using the Ports Collection
    Post-Installation Considerations
    Dealing with Broken Ports
  5. Configuring the FreeBSD Kernel
    Why Build a Custom Kernel?
    Finding the System Hardware
    The Configuration File
    Building and Installing a Custom Kernel
    If Something Goes Wrong
  6. The FreeBSD Booting Process
    FreeBSD Boot Process
    Configuring Boot Time Splash Screens
    Device Hints
    Shutdown Sequence
  7. The X Window System
    Installing Xorg
    The X Display Manager
    Desktop Environments
    Installing Mate and Slim
  8. Networking Management
    Interface Configuration
    Routing Table
    Open Ports and Sockets
  9. Updating and Upgrading FreeBSD
    Update FreeBSD Kernel-Land
    Upgrade FreeBSD User-Land
    Update FreeBSD Port Tree
  10. Create Custome Desktop
    Office Suite
    Web Browser
    Music-Video Player
    Development IDE
    3D Modeling

    Date: Feb 12-22, 2020
    Location: Pardis Technology Park, 20thkm of Damavand Road, Tehran I.R. Iran
    Registration fee: $220
    Catering: included
    Requirements:‚Äč Typical laptop
    How to register?